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    Why Chatbots Need Knowledge Management

    What good is a chatbot without fast and accurate answers? Explore how knowledge management supercharges one of the fastest growing channels in customer service.

    Successful chatbot deployments depend on knowledge management

    The numbers are eye-opening: by 2020, 72% of all customers interactions will involve machine-learning apps, mobile messaging, or chatbots. More and more customers are choosing them for their convenience, and more enterprises are deploying customer service chatbots as a result. The potential impact on contact center costs and customer experience are huge, but only if chatbots have what they need to deliver fast and accurate responses. This is where knowledge management comes in.

    What you’ll learn

    Why chatbots are a trend that few companies can afford to ignore
    How chatbots enable contact center efficiency and customer self-service
    The numbers behind the foundational importance of knowledge management

    Download the complete infographic