Shelley Reyes has a reputation for making MindTouch customer training a fun experience. As Head of Training, Shelley works with every customer to properly onboard them and teach them how to effectively use the MindTouch product. Customers often provide rave reviews about the way she approaches training and successfully transfers knowledge.

Shelley has always had a passion for helping people learn. Before coming to MindTouch, Shelley worked at Apple as an in-store Guest Trainer, helping people navigate the iOS software and conduct new-hire training. When MindTouch discovered a need for a training department, Shelley jumped right in. Check out our brief video interview with Shelley, including some tips on how she helps customers be more successful.

Put the Customer First

As the Head of Training, Shelley has one of the most difficult roles in customer service. She must quickly train customers how to use the product and effectively explain the necessary steps to maintaining a successful knowledge management solution. “Customer service to me is really having the customer’s best interest at heart,” says Shelley. “Always walking them through best practices, guiding them through whatever their use case is and making it specific to them. We always want to think of the customer and what they need and what their wants are.”

To be successful in her role, there are a few qualities Shelley believes anyone in training should maintain:

  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Patience

“The first quality everyone in customer service needs to succeed is trust. You want to make sure that you have the trust of your customer. Another one would be honesty. You want to be open and honest with your customer. That’s gonna enable the trust. And I would also say patience. Customers are dealing with a lot, and even though you would have a timeline and the customer will have a timeline, sometimes, they don’t necessarily align. Just be patient with the customer. We’re all trying to get to the same goal, and that’s to succeed with the product.”

Make it Easy

When we create an environment of trust, honesty, and patience, customers are more likely to be successful. For companies who have cycled through dozens of products, it’s important that the proper processes are in place to maximize success. When customers are successful, Shelley knows she did a great job. “The most meaning interaction I’ve had with a customer was an on-site experience last year. It was in Germany and it was just the idea of change management with a very, very large company, tons of agents that were probably using multiple softwares, year after year after year, and having that dealt with this new software.

We brought MindTouch into the picture, walking them through best practices and using the product out of the box and seeing that lightbulb moment go off in their heads—it was really inspiring and it made me feel good taking that large crowd and turning them into champions and winners with the product. It was quite the experience.

Product Adoption Starts with a Good First Impression

Providing customers with a great customer experience begins the moment a customer decides they have a problem to be solved, whether that be through research, purchasing, or calling in to support. MindTouch’s ease of use, customization capabilities, and out-of-the-box features consistently set customers up for success. “

The way that the MindTouch product empowers everyone to have a great customer service experience is the out-of-the-box feature and functionality. It’s very simple to use. It’s easy to adopt and I think naturally, customers go into our product thinking it’s all this smoke and mirrors, but the ease of use, out of the box, I think, will set customers up for that success as well as the ability to customize and make it a little bit more about what they truly need.”

When customers are properly introduced to a new product, they are more likely to better engage with it and leave better customer satisfaction scores. Shelley’s success in training new customers has given her the ability to hone her skills and develop new ways to train customers while still incorporating a fun and fresh perspective. “The way that MindTouch has helped me succeed is by really identifying my skills and allowing me to grow my department in the way that I feel is best suited for customers.”

Without Shelley, customers would be left to figure out the product on their own. Shelley’s patience and love for teaching allows customers to build out their own knowledge management solution to cohesively structure content and give their user-base the ability to self-serve with ease.

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