Customer success is a discipline that continues to evolve in software companies and is rapidly expanding into other industries. Its presence in a world where customers demand personalization and instant gratification means that companies without a customer success team are quickly falling behind the competition.

For MindTouch, that’s where people like Keri Detrick comes in.

Keri joined MindTouch as a Strategic Customer Success Manager (CSM) and quickly adapted to meeting customers’ needs and handling a portfolio with some of MindTouch’s most high-touch customers. After spending the past 14 years in account management and customer success, Keri sought to work in software, leading her to MindTouch.?As part of Customer Service Week, we sat down with Keri to answer a common question: what does a customer success manager do? Check out the interview below:

The mantra: “always bring value”

Keri loves being able to establish relationships with clients and delivering wins to not only the customer but her team as well. At MindTouch, the acronym “ABV” (Always Bring Value) is used often and it’s one that Keri believes in wholeheartedly. “Customer service, to me, means not only understanding your customer but providing value to that customer along the customer journey. I always think it’s good to do monthly or quarterly check-ins with your client and see how everything’s going and help them obtain their objectives.”

The customer success manager job description

In her role, Keri maintains and nurtures the customer relationship by guiding customers through the entire journey. She helps customers find solutions that best fit their needs during onboarding, deployment, and post-sale expansion. This includes collaborating on any obstacles that arise, or challenges that a customer might face. “Some of the most meaningful interactions with a customer can sometimes be those hard conversations,” she says. “Or working through challenges the customer is facing to identify and understand the pain points of that customer and help find solutions. Customer service, to me, means not only understanding your customer but providing value to that customer along the customer journey.”

Customer Relationships are Rooted in Trust

As a CSM, Keri must maintain an open ear and be willing to work with customers to address concerns, just one of many best practices she describes are a part of her role. “Best practices in delivering a positive customer service experience include listening to your customer,” says Keri, “really allowing them to come to the table with what their challenges are, what their objectives are. I would also say coaching them to help identify metrics they can establish as KPIs to show value internally for the product, and also maintaining a good cadence and frequency of contact.”

Relationship building is at the core of what a Customer Success Manager does. Trust and reliability are important factors to customers when deciding what company to work with. For the MindTouch team, providing an exceptional customer service experience is rooted in the culture. “We have camaraderie and good team effort in terms of how we approach customers, which really shines through from the customer angle. No matter what department you go to within the company, there’s always somebody there to provide help wherever you need it.”

Build relationships and success will follow

Additionally, it’s important that customers find success at every point of their journey. For Keri, this also includes making sure the customers are using the MindTouch product to its fullest extent.?“MindTouch allows and enables our customers to provide an amazing self-service for their user base, whether that’s internal or external. It’s also allowing them to tell that story to their customers, whether that be product training, onboarding, product adoption, or just support agent assistance. That is a very, very valuable use case cross-functionally across companies.”

Between working cross-departmentally and guiding customers, Keri has found success in being a part of every customer’s journey. Her passion for finding solutions strengthens the relationships she maintains with customers, adding to the value MindTouch places on providing an exceptional customer service experience at every touchpoint.

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